Sunday, September 28, 2008

What Are You Working For? part 2

"All paid jobs absorb and degrade the mind."


Aristotle believed that the human soul had a purpose unlike any other thing, which is unique to each individual. If body, mind and soul are all connected, it is vital that all three work in unison. Joy prevails when all three perform together. Aristotle called this the Good Life.

Paid jobs set the mind up for failure. Employees are forced to follow the employer, instead of thinking for themselves. Individuals are so dependent on money that employers have all the power in the relationship, which forces a separation between mind, body and soul. Employees are like lab rats--racing in any direction to find cheese. If cheese is the only thing being chased, the Good Life is never found. Corporations have made this division greater with the McDonaldization of the workplace.

Aristotle said that in order to achieve the Good Life one must find the golden mean. In statistics the mean is the average. In the world gold is a symbol of wealth. Seeking the middle ground between rags and riches will upgrade the mind instead of degrading it. Finding the golden mean is discovering an individual balance and harmony of the mind, body and soul--then the Good Life will come. The Good Life can be realized by grasping the fact that money isn't the only important thing, but doing what you love is.

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