Monday, July 13, 2009

Beach Talk

I was lying on the beach and was utterly distracted by nearby Michael Jackson conversation. One woman was very vocal, loud and sounded emotional; the other was calm and collected. They were debating if MJ was really a child molester. The loud woman said that she thought MJ was a terrible person because he was "evil" because it's a fact that he molested those kids (even though he was never convicted in a court of law).

The calm woman stated that she didn't think he touched those kids and that the perception of MJ has been shaped by the mass media. The vocal woman began to get irritated, louder and combative. The calm woman stated that regardless he was a very influential person and did a lot of good in this world, including his Guinness World Record for donating to the most charities (read House Resolution 600 HERE).

A man in their group chimed off: "I think Michael Jackson, Kobe and OJ all did it!" Seems strange how he got to this point, but regardless it sounded racist and embarassing to me. OJ: maybe. Kobe: definitely not. Michael Jackson: highly unlikely.

The conversation ended when the calm woman said that the boisterous woman was basically following the mass media, citing the fact that kids sleep in his bed, etc. The calm woman stated that all the facts have not come out through the mass media and that you have to dig deeper. I would encourage all of us to dig deeper. Starting HERE with Aphrodite Jones' book: Michael Jackson Conspiracy.