Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Super Mom?

Sarah Palin has been called an "exceptional woman" by Hilary Clinton. She's considered by some as the epitome of a modern American Mom. But she's not. She's suspected of billing the state for her and her daughter's travels.

Today the AP released their findings of an ongoing investigation into Palin's tax filings (which had to be made public to run for Vice President). It is legal to bill the state for "official government business." Palin and her daughters attended events where they weren't invited, and then billed Alaskan citizens. The most outlandish was a $707.29 a night hotel room in New York that overlooks Central Park. Since Palin became Governor in December 2006, she has charged the state $20,012 in travel expenses.

What could her daughters possibly be doing in New York on official government business? Asuming all of this is true, Palin doesn't seem like a Super Mom.

Read the AP article HERE.

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