Sunday, October 26, 2008

Sometimes I Feel Like A B....

Sometimes I feel like a bitch. On occasion I have been know to piss people off. Not because I’m hateful or envious, but because I’m tired.

I’m so sick and tired of seeing lazy, complacent people. The people that are content with mediocrity get under my skin. These are the same people that don’t hold the door open for you when you’re walking into a store. Or they are the people that many refer to as couch potatoes.

So, please don’t ask to borrow money because you feel like watching every reality show known to man. Don’t complain about money because you don’t have enough; go learn a new skill, grow and achieve a goal. Then, hopefully after you achieve one, you’ll achieve another. It’s not rocket science.

These people that don’t set goals are like fucking cockroaches—they survive throughout centuries in all parts of the world. They survive because they never really do shit. The cockroaches hide under rocks and live in deep, dark places just the same as unmotivated people.

Sometimes I feel bad. And sometimes I’m rude to these people, even the homeless. I do have sympathy for their situation, but I think some people need to be spanked. For example, don’t talk to me while I’m eating or on an important phone call. Oh, and don’t piss in front of me. As a kid, I remember learning right from wrong, and if I didn’t get it I got spanked.

So, since I’m not into S and M and don’t own a whip, I don’t spank these people—I’m just a bitch sometimes. From time to time I get called a bitch, and I’m okay with that because I know that not all of these people are losers, and some still have ambitions. Some need financial or medical assistance, and some just need to be spanked.

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Anonymous said...


So how do you really feel?

"Not because I’m hateful or envious, but because I’m tired."

I usually have a beer an go to bed early....then I just sleep through my bitchyness. less to apologize for later to.