Sunday, March 1, 2009


Anyone ever wonder why the Super Nanny is needed? She is doing a great public service for us Americans. Super Nanny is so necessary because parents don't know how to discipline their kids. They feel bad for disciplining their kids.

Why is that you ask?

Well, that's because kids are no longer necessary: they are an option. The advent of the pill and condom forever changed our procreating trends. Now parents plan many years in advance to have children. 50 to 60 years ago children were just apart of having sex. Today parents have time to idealize the child and create a false infatuation.

Decades ago parents had the attitude that they didn't owe their kids anything but food, water and shelter. Currently, parents are financially and legally responsible for their children up to 18 years old. But they are still financially responsible for their children's college until they are 23 years old. These societal shifts have resulted in bad parenting and the growing need for Super Nannys across the country.

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